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New Merch in the store

Fumble Folks Founder, Bree, pretending it's not cold, against a tree and wearing our black tee with dice pattern in bisexual colours.

We had a great time at Dragonmeet this past weekend. One of the things we did to prep for it was to have a host of new merch made, and were really pleased with how well our T-shirts sold.

So we’ve just finished uploading the designs to our Etsy store and the website shop!

So far we have five designs available, featuring colours connected to the Pride, bisexual, trans, asexual and non-binary flags, but plan to make more to add to the collection!

Pride Flag Tee

We really weren’t sure how they’d sell at the convention, but we shifted more of these than any other type of merch outside of our One-shot books!

So much so, that we sent founding Fumbler Bree out in the December chill to model them for us! Some say she’s still shivering, even now.

Christmas is coming up, so these will be a great present for the nerds in your life, order soon to stay ahead of postal strikes and get them in time for Christmas!

There’ll be more merch to come, so keep popping back!

Asexual Flag Tee
Non Binary Flag Tee
Trans Flag Tee
Pride Flag Tee
Bi Flag Tee

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January Sale now on! 20% off when you spend £20 in store! Free UK Shipping
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