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15+ Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Geeks and Nerds: Updated for 2022

If you struggle every year to buy gifts for the nerds in your life, then this is the list for you!

Christmas is coming up, and you’ve probably started wondering what presents to get your loved ones. But, do you find yourself always wondering what to get the nerd in your life? Whether you’re buying for your child, spouse, sibling or friend, we’ve come up with a few ideas that they would love!

  1. GeekyClean
  2. iwantoneofthose
  3. New RPG Book
  4. Hero Forge
  5. GeekBox
  6. Dice
  7. Artwork
  8. D&D Accessories
  9. Alternative Clothing
  10. Board Games
  11. Video Games
  12. Journal29 – Interactive Book Game
  13. Hero’s Feast – D&D Cookbook
  14. Pop in a Box UK
  15. Lego

Subscriptions: Hero Forge, GeekyClean, GeekBox
Books: RPG Books, Hero’s Feast, Journal29
Clothing: iwantoneofthose, EMP
Voucher: Hero Forge, Video Games

Accessories: iwantoneofthose, Dice, D&D Accessories, FunkoPops
Tools: Hero Forge, Travel Bag, D&D Accessories, Dice
Art: Artwork, FunkoPops
Games: Board Games, Video Games, Journal29, Lego

GeekyClean is a company based in the UK that hand-made soap, shower gels, and bath bombs based on pop culture, anime, Dungeons and Dragons and all things geeky.

Their DiceBombs are my personal favourite: they are bath bombs shaped like the famous Dungeons and Dragons d20 dice, with the added twist of having an actual set of dice on the inside! Apart from receiving a set of dice for your next game night, the bath bombs themselves smell amazing and make your skin feel really soft.

As we’re affiliated with GeekyClean, you can get 10% off with code: FUMBLEFOLKS and by clicking our unique link:

Star Wards Toastie Maker

I Want One of Those is a classic gift website that offers everything from bedclothes and towels to chocolates and alcohol. They have so many things that I struggled to find what to pick for this blog! But, as I found out, they have a dedicated Gifts for Geeks section, and everything in the list would be perfect as a gift for your nerd. There are also a variety of different prices too, which means you can even get something small if you need a Secret Santa Gift or a stocking-filler. As an example, they have Game of Thrones tankards, Minecraft drinking glasses, Harry Potter playing cards, a batman umbrella and numerous clothes, lamps and Lego sets. 

Check the website out for yourself. They even do a 3 for £20 deal on certain items if you’re not sure what to get.

What does a Dungeons and Dragons nerd want as a gift? More Dungeons and Dragons! 

When D&D was created back in the 1970’s, there were only a few places you could get your hands on the rulebooks, but these days there are websites dedicated to selling RPG books, as well as giants like Amazon where you can get just about anything. And, with geekdom becoming more ‘mainstream’, nerdy shops have opened up across the country selling RPG books, board games, miniatures and comics. Guaranteed there is a nerdy shop within driving-distance from where you live, you just need to Google them.

Here’s a list of some of the places you can get your hands on new RPG books, and what specific books we recommend:

We may be a little biased here, but we genuinely believe that your nerd friend/relative will enjoy our written adventures! A game will take around 3-4 hours for 3-6 people, and are a great Christmas day activity!

If your nerd has never played D&D before but wants to, then our Beginner’s Bundle is a great starting point for them. Written specifically for brand-new players and Game Masters in mind, they are easy to read and follow, with prompts and resources included to help them out. They can also be enjoyed by the seasoned GM and are easily adaptable.

We also have a festive adventure called The Great Gift Giver for more experienced GMs, where an adventuring party must save Christmas!

DriveThruRPG is an online store dedicated to selling all sorts of different RPG books. From free one-off games to campaign books, PDFs to physical copies, from Dungeons & Dragons to RoleMaster, they have it all. 

Check with your loved-one what kind of games they play; is there anything they would like to play that they haven’t tried, what kind of genre do they like, what books do they already have? DriveThroughRPG also does gift cards if you are unsure. 

Magic Madhouse is the UK’s largest online store selling Magic: The Gathering, and have a huge catalogue of tabletop games, board games, Pokemon, Warhammer and all sort of nerdy accessories.

Of course, you can always purchase physical RPG Books on Amazon, and they will get to you in no time. You can find all sorts of different systems for sale on Amazon, as well as notebooks, Maps and GM and player aids.

You may not think a subscription or a voucher would be appealing as a gift, but I can assure you this one would be much appreciated! 

Hero Forge is a character creator which allows you to design high-resolution characters in full 3D. It’s completely free to use and offers a library of thousands of customization and colour design options to make your model unique.

So why buy a voucher if it’s free to use? Because, now that things have started opening up again after covid, you can buy a print of your model to use in your real-life roleplay games. Also, you can either paint them yourself or buy a pre-painted version. 

Prices of the models range from $7.99 for a download, $19.99 for a plastic model and even go up to $99.99 for a bronze (!) model. 

You can buy vouchers for $10, $25, $50 or $100 and are emailed to your email account within minutes! 

If you’re really not sure what to get them as a gift, you could get them everything… That’s right, everything, in a neat little box! My Geek Box is a nerdy online store that offers a monthly subscription of a box filled with cool figures, collectibles and quirky gifts. Some boxes include a t-shirt or limited edition items. The boxes are £19.99 each (or £9.99 for a mystery box!), and you definitely get your money’s worth! Just sign up, pick some cool TV Shows or fandoms that your nerd is into, and they will receive a mysterious box in the post!

Yes, dice. Like the kind you get in a board game, except they come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. They are used for tabletop roleplay games and they usually come in a pack of seven, each with a different number of sides; 20-sided, 12-sided, two 10-sided, 8-sided, 6-sided and 4-sided dice. You may have noticed that your nerdy friend or family member already has a set of these dice. Or two. Or four. Or ten…  I can assure you, they will never have enough! I personally have over a dozen sets of dice, but I always want (need?) more!

Apart from your local board game store, I love to get my dice from local creators, either through their online shop or on Etsy. Below, I have hand-picked a few of my favourite dice creators:

Critical Miss Dice – Usually dice come in a set of 7, but why not try something different and gift only one instead? Why? Because this one is a little more special; it’s a Death Save Dice (which is when you roll the dice to determine whether your character lives or dies), and instead of numbers, it has 10 skulls and 10 hearts.

I love this concept and will be getting a few of them for those characters who just can’t stop dying…

RuneFable – Based in Leeds, RuneFable hand-make all their wonderful, colourful, sharp resin dice, and are inspired by storytelling. Prices range from £15 for a single d20 to £70 for a set.

Trayed and Tested – If you think your nerd has too many dice, then why not choose an accessory instead? As well as many sets of dice, Trayed and Tested’s Etsy shop is full of beautifully crafted dice trays, dice bags and notebooks in many different styles and colours.

Death Save Dice by Critical Miss Dice
Lord of the Rings Dice Tray by Trayed and Tested
Set of 7 Dice by RuneFable
Art by ArtofArklin

Hanging artwork of your favourite TV Show or Marvel Hero on the wall for all to see seems like the ultimate homage to your favourite fandoms. I personally prefer subtle artwork, so that friends and family don’t notice the nerdom straight away, but there are many who prefer the bold expression of their hobbies.

There are many places you can get such artwork, including Etsy, RedBubble and ArtStation.

Ragnar and Death of Ragnar Gold Foil Double-Sided Bookmark

Josh from Art of Arklin is a Swansea-based artist inspired by mythology and paganism. His Etsy shop is full of stunning and intricate knot-work art prints of Celtic, Greek, Egyptian and Viking designs. He also has coasters, bookmarks, enamel badges and other viking-inspired merchandise.

If you’re looking for high quality art prints, look no further than Displate! Displate is a one-of-a-kind metal poster seller designed with geeks and nerds in mind. Their products range from Star Wars and Star Trek to Disney and Anime. The designs are incredible and come in all styles, including; modern, vintage, minimalist, Japanese and typographic.

There are a bunch of really useful D&D accessories out there that any tabletop role-play nerd would greatly appreciate. They are made specifically to make playing or running a game easier or more immersive. Here are a few examples of our favourite D&D accessories:

Do you think your nerd has too much D&D stuff? (You’re probably right) Then consider getting them a bag to carry it all in! If they run a game, they will no doubt be lugging their stuff around and can get quite heavy. This RPG Travel Backpack has compartments for books, minis, maps, dice and a laptop, so no need to worry about crushing that miniature you spent hours painting under the 5 books that you’re inevitably carrying around too. Lifesaver!

If you have never heard of or seen any D&D being played, then this may not make much sense to you, but I will try and explain! During a D&D game, the Game Master (who runs the game for the players) describes scenes and scenarios, sometimes without any visual aids.

Maps are a great way of helping the players to visualise their surroundings and also help them plot their movements and strategies during a combat scenario. They can also trigger a story idea for the GM, who may not have thought about running a scenario in a castle, for example.

These are my personal favourites; a set of reversible dry-erase tiles that can be put together to make any size and shape map you want. It’s great even if you’ve planned a certain scenario, or if you have to think one up on the fly. Check them out on Amazon:

The Deck of Many Things is a Dungeons and Dragons item that can be a blessing or a curse to any D&D group! It is a deck of 22 magical cards that will unleash a magical effect once a card is drawn. Some are very good (gain 2000 gold) or very bad (instant death) so players must be wary when choosing whether or not to pick a card!

This physical deck contains all 22 cards and are in the style of an aged Tarot deck. This allows the players around a table to physically pick a card from the deck, something that is equally exciting and terrifying!

Check out The Deck of Many Things on Amazon:

Most of my nerd friends are into alternative clothing and love to express their interests and wear their hearts quite literally on their sleeves. They usually pick something up at a ComicCon if they get to go to one, but they are usually only a couple of times a year. 

EMP offers those kinds of clothes and accessories online, and is my favourite place to go for nerd clothing. The products range from band merch to Disney clothing, watches and jewellery, so there will be something for everyone! They currently have Christmas-themed jumpers and dresses, and there is often a sale on certain items. Click the button below and check it out!

Board games, you either love them or hate them. Most of my friends love them, but I know a lot of people who don’t, so it really depends on your loved one and their interests. You can also get different calibres of games; from party games like Cards Against Humanity, to family games like Ticket to Ride, to more complex games such as Nemesis or Game of Thrones.

Great Game of Britain Family Board Game

Family games are for those who like playing board games, not for too many hours and maybe only on special occasions like Christmas. Most board-gamers will enjoy these as well as the party games or the complex games. They’re fun, rules-light games that are not complicated to learn.

The one game I suggest to all my friends is The Great Game of Britain. It’s a strategy board game about train routes in Britain. I know it sounds like the most boring game in the world, but trust me, it isn’t! Everyone I have introduced to this game absolutely loves it! Start in London and follow six routes that you must visit around the UK, before heading back to London to win. It sounds easy but the game quickly gets competitive as you block opponents and send them to the other side of the country, stopping people from winning; it’s such a fun game and I highly recommend it! 

Get The Great Game of Britain from Zatu Games:

Nemesis in Action

Some gamers like nothing more than spending hours playing and strategizing over a complex board game and really thinking about how to win (or how to not lose!). These are usually more expensive games, with big boards, numerous components and models. It may sound like your worst nightmare, but I am one of these people, and I promise that we do love them – that higher price tag often comes with increased replayability.

A couple of great examples of these are Game of Thrones, in which  you play one of the Houses of Westeros as you vie for control of the Iron Throne through the use of diplomacy and warfare, and Nemesis, a survival sci-fi game, very similar to the Alien franchise. Both games can take up to 5+ hours to play, and involve strategy and careful planning to win. 

Check out Game of Thrones on Magic Madhouse, and Nemesis on Zatu Games:

Nerds play video games. Shocker, right? It’s probably what they’re renowned for most! But there are so many different genres and categories that it’s almost impossible to know what someone would want to play. If you’re sure they want a specific game, then great! But most of the time, they may not even communicate that with anyone. 

Steam is a program and community for video-gamers. It allows people to buy games through the platform, chat about games, earn badges and get advice and tips. There is a handy tool on Steam called the Wishlist, where you can find out what your friends want to play but haven’t bought yet. They are ranked by the most to least desired, and you can click and buy for them very easily. 

If you’re not on Steam or are not a gamer yourself, then a Steam Gift Card is a great option. They are available online or physically from many different stores including Game, PC World, Argos and even in Supermarkets.

Here’s the link to Steam:

I know a few people who love escape rooms or puzzle books, and this combines the two in a unique book game where you can solve riddles and puzzles. You submit your answers online to get the keys and move forward to the next page. Some of the puzzles are quite difficult and require you to think outside of the box (there is a handy hints and tips page on the website if you get stuck, though!). The newest version, Journal29 Oblivion, is now available on Amazon. 

Heroes Feast Cover and Elven Bread recipe from the book

This is a great little novelty cookbook for those who love D&D. The love of cooking is not necessarily required, as the artwork and novelty-factor is enough in itself! Within this book, the recipes include Elven Bread, Gully Dwarf Homestyle Porridge and Fire-Spiced Abyssal Chicken Kebabs, with many more dishes that may be recognisable for a Dungeons and Dragons player.

Check out the book on Magic Madhouse here:

FunkoPops are little vinyl figurines that nerds love to collect! They have collections inspired by pop culture and include all your favourite films, TV series, video games, sports stars, and more. Pop In A Box UK is the UK home of FunkoPop, and here you will find all the latest Pop collections.

Your loved-one may have started a collection already and needs to add to it, is looking to start a new collection, or may not be collecting them at all. They’re a great art piece for collectors and non-collectors alike and are fun to display in your home. Pop in a Box UK also have t-shirts, pencil cases, bags and more to match the pops.

Check them out by clicking the link below:

Lego Optimus Prime

Age definitely doesn’t matter when it comes to Lego! I loved it as a child, I love it now, I will love it when I am retired (and will have more time to build more elaborate things!). Lego has evolved so much since I was a child. They now have amazingly large models to build in all sort of different pop culture categories including Disney, DC, Marvel, Harry Potter and more.

The Lego store is still the best place to get official Lego models and range in price from under £20 to over £500 (I’m looking at you incredibly detailed, factually recreated Titanic…)

Check out your local Lego store or check out the online store here:

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