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Welcome to Fumble Folks! We are an independent publisher based in Cardiff, UK.
We also stream Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and run events in and around Cardiff. Find out more here.

Our products are available in many stores across the UK. Check our map below to see what you can get a copy of one of our products.

As well as these online stores:
All Rolled Up

Latest Blog Posts

5 Systems that aren’t D&D

So you’ve saved the kingdom, slayed the dragons and become heroes to the whole realm. From angry, raging barbarians, to warlocks with daddy issues, you

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We stream our regular D&D campaigns every Monday and Wednesday, as well as the occasional one-shot and non-D&D games. Watch a couple of clips from our streams below.

Rapid Riders: Punk Rock Rebellion

Wednesdays 8PM BST

Taxes sees through Dyanna’s mask

Chasing Shadows: Epic Level Campaign

Mondays 8PM BST

Roll 10x on the wild magic table. What could go wrong?

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