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Dragonmeet 2022

Hi, Dice Rollers!

It’s been an incredible month for us here at Fumble Folks!
We launched our first Kickstarter & funded, we re-worked a classic one-shot & released it, and we went to Dragonmeet & had a fantastic time!

We’re exhausted right now, but it’s been worth it. Sleep has never been our most proficient skill, anyway!

This past weekend, we left the HQ for London for our first Dragonmeet.

Three magnets containing a line image of a d20

One of the largest gaming conventions in the UK, this one is much more focussed on TTRPGs, so we were very much looking forward to it. It was only our fourth jaunt as traders, and our largest to date, so stakes were high!

Previously, we only had a few items on our stalls, mainly our three one-shots and the Beginner’s Bundle, but this time we prepped a host of brand new merch designed by Bree, including T-shirts, magnets, greetings cards and badges!

We were very satisfied to get ourselves a badge maker, and Bree’s d20 designs look good on a variety of different merchandise types. We’re particularly fond of the coasters (though the delivery didn’t turn up in time), and these greetings cards!

However, the con was a success! The stall looked fantastic with all the new stock on it and we had an amazing time! We were lucky enough to be right next to our good friend Rich of Hatchling Games, saw some old friends and made some new ones. Best of all, we constantly had lovely conversations with customers, whether they bought from us or not; there was a wonderful, inclusive and welcoming feel to the whole event.

Bree, holding two thumbs up, stood behind our Dragonmeet stall, covered with our lovely merch: books, cards, tees, magnets and badges

It was a wonderful first experience of Dragonmeet, and we’re looking forward to going back again next year (and if the dragon is listening, maybe make it two days so we can have more of a look around?). Maybe we’ll see you there!

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