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Riders Recap Episode 39: Preparing Bodies and Dulcet Tones!

Welcome to this week’s Riders Recap, fresh out of episode 39 of our Punk Rock Rebellion.

The band are still in the dark brimstone caves below ‘The Virtues of Osnan’; deep in the mines of Burrafirth, attempting to get some much needed shut-eye after their confrontation with the Redbeards and their Priestess. 

During their slumber, the group are alerted to approaching footsteps, and Dyanna—the Song Witch—uses Major Illusion to recreate the priestess, now an ashen corpse further down the tunnel, to convince the rest of the Redbeards that all is well. The illusion worked, with the Redbeards leaving grim instructions to ‘prepare the bodies’ for breakfast.

The band quickly resolved to fight the Steel Golem in an attempt to stop whatever danger the cult had found in the depths. Siege—their former ally and leader of the remaining rebels the group left on the eastern side of the mountains—is revealed to be planning to bypass the Golem altogether and unleash whatever lies beyond.

Speaking with Splitlick—the mute genius— via the Sending spell, they let him know of the danger he was in at the rebel camp with a madman for a leader. In using the sending spell, the band becomes aware of Splitlick’s voice for the first time, and it makes people swoon!

The genius Artificer agrees to slow Siege down as much as he can, and the band commits to fighting the Golem, a task that may well end in their deaths!

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