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Relic of the Lost Kingdom Digital PDF


Level 1 Adventure for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Ideal for brand new Dungeon Masters and players.

Relic of the Lost Kingdom is a 3-4 hour one shot adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

The adventure is aimed at brand new Game Masters and first-time players and is designed for a party of four to five 1st level characters.

Take your players through the Temple of the Lost Kingdom in this scenario that can be a stand-alone adventure or can be placed anywhere within any setting.

A priest asks the characters to help protect their monastery. Every night, the nearby crypts open and the undead proceed to try and break into the monastery. The characters must travel to the crypt and replace a stolen artefact and help to repel the undead. The priests refuse to do this themselves as it would mean desecrating their own fallen brothers.

This adventure includes:
– a PDF copy of the book
– a basic map that can be used online, printed out or drawn onto a dry erase mat
– a detailed high quality map for VTT use
– pre-made printable character sheets
– well laid out descriptions and prompts
– stat blocks for enemies included in the adventure

This adventure does not include the rules of D&D, but it could potentially be run without prior knowledge of Player’s Handbook. The basic rules of Dungeons and Dragons can be found on the D&D Beyond website.


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