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The Great Gift Giver Digital Download


A Festive Level 5 Adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Digital PDF only.

The Great Gift Giver is a 3-4 hour one-shot adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

The season of merriment approaches, and the Great Gift Giver has never been busier. But something’s wrong at the workshop; it’s up to a plucky group of adventurers to help find out what’s wrong, and become heroes of the festive season.

The Great Gift Giver is a silly, fun, stand-alone adventure for the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons. This one-shot is designed for between four-to-six players at level five.

This adventure includes:
– PDF copy of the adventure
– Basic map that can be used online, printed out or drawn onto a dry erase mat
– Well laid out descriptions and prompts
– Stat blocks for enemies included in the adventure

This adventure does not include the rules of D&D, but it could potentially be run without prior knowledge of Player’s Handbook. The basic rules of Dungeons and Dragons can be found on the D&D Beyond website.


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