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New One-Shot: Relic of the Lost Kingdom

Hey again everyone!

We’re excited to announce that our second published one-shot is now on sale online AND in stores!

It’s so exciting that we have started printing and selling physical copies of our work; it makes it seems o real!

Relic of the Lost Kingdom is special because it’s aimed specifically at brand new GMs and is very beginner friendly. This means that a whole group of newbie D&D nerds can pick up and play this starter adventure, and hopefully come back for more.

The layout and descriptions are easy to read and easy to understand. They’re spelled out as if the reader knows almost nothing about D&D (except the basics) and really concentrates on the most important thing: having fun!

If you want to buy the book, you can find the digital copy online on DriveThruRPG* and Etsy, and a physical copy online at Etsy and the Rules of Play website. If you’re local to Cardiff, you can find copies in Rules of Play, Arcade Vaults, Geek Retreat and Forbidden Planet.

If you end up running the game, please let us know how it went! Join us on Discord and tell us all about it!

Relic of the Lost Kingdom is aimed at brand new GMs and players and is a 3–4 hour adventure for a party of 4-5 1st level characters. The scenario is set in a lightly-populated area and designed to be transplantable into most other settings.

In this adventure, the characters are tasked with protecting a local monastery from a nightly horde of undead. A group of adventurers had previously taken a relic from a nearby tomb and have accidentaly unleashed the undead within. 

For 4-6 Level 5 characters, this One Shot was written by Ben O’Keefe, edited by Phill May and Catrin Jones and designed by Bree Scott-Jones.

Thank you all!

FumbleFolks Team

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