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Fumble Folks Becomes a Limited Company!

So it’s official! Fumble Folks is now a real-life Limited company!

I know we may be late in announcing this (it happened back in July!) but we are super excited to announce it anyway! Over the last few months we have been super busy behind the scenes writing, streaming, designing and learning to get stuff up and running to get to this stage. 

So what have we been up to!?


We have been furiously writing, proofreading and playtesting our homebrew world of Osasris. Since we started this in July, we have gone from a small seed of an idea to having a fleshed-out continent with over 30 towns and cities, a few homebrew classes with more to come and a half-race table with an amazing new homebrew race. 

All this content requires playtesting! We have been using our half-race table as much as possible. There are thousands of different combinations that can be chosen, and most of them will need to be playtested before release to make sure nothing is too broken or overpowered. It’s a long process, but we have some amazing people on board to help us with this task. The combinations of the half-races are a lot of fun, and very interesting to see what people pick! 


We have been consistently streaming at least twice a week since July, and some weeks there has been a stream almost every day! For every stream, we make a custom overlay and we have been learning what the best setup and equipment are so it is the best it can be. It has been worth it, because we gained Affiliate status with Twitch in only 10 days! On average, it takes streamers between 1-2 months to gain affiliate status, so we’re pretty amazed to have hit that mark so quickly. If you’re one of the people who helped us get there, thank you! 


We decided to branch out and offer a podcast of our Rapid Riders campaign, in addition to our current live streams and YouTube videos. This way, we hope to reach more people and build a wider audience for our content. You can find our podcast on Spotify here. More platforms to come soon.


We have been writing content and making maps for one-shots so we can distribute those on DriveThroughRPG (by the way, this is an affiliate link. If you click it, we will get a small commission from your purchase). We are also setting up a GM-for-Hire game that will be available on Roll20 soon.


Not going to lie, this is the main thing that’s taken up our time! The three of us have never done anything remotely like this before, so it has been a very steep learning curve! Most of our time is spent reading about and learning new programmes and trying to fix issues when things go wrong! 

As well as learning the techniques of editing audio and the ins and outs of social media, we have been learning how to actually start and run a business from scratch. This includes finances, data protection and copyright law. It may sound boring (and let’s face it, it is!) but we now have a far wider skill set than we did 4 months ago! 

The Future

The future is looking bright for Fumble Folks. We have many things planned including:

  • Launching the Osasris book on Kickstarter. After completing the book and extensive playtesting, we will look into setting up a Kickstarter Campaign.
  • Merchandise! We’re currently working on merchandise with our logo on it, as well as a few other surprise artwork that will come from our Rapid Riders campaign.
  • Published Christmas One-Shot. We’re currently working on a fun Christmas one-shot that will be ready to purchase in November on DriveThroughRPG.
  • New Campaigns! We’re currently planning a few awesome campaigns, including the continuation of the Neverland two-shot (which you can find on YouTube), a Traveling Circus campaign and a West-Marches style Campaign set in a different plane of existence!

How to Support Fumble Folks

For all the hard work we’ve been putting in, we’d be nowhere without the support of our friends and the community we’re starting to build. If you’ve watched a stream, listened to a Pod, liked, shared or subscribed to anything we do, then thank you so much for helping us on this adventure!

And if you’re new to us and like the sound of it, there are lots of ways you can support us:

  • Follow us on our social media platforms. Find the links here:
  • Join our Discord Server and help our community grow!
  • Join our Patreon and pledge the low price of a coffee every month. This will enable us to grow and do bigger and better things with Fumble Folks. Check out the Tiers we offer on Patreon or check out our other blog post here (coming soon).
  • Listen to the Rapid Riders on Spotify or come and watch us live and give us that all-important Subscription on Twitch. Amazon Prime users get 1 free Prime Sub a month to use on your favourite Twitch creator, so use it wisely! 
  • Click on our Affiliate Links! We have been very lucky to be affiliate with a few companies including EMP, Hero Forge, among others. Clicking these links helps us as we get a small commission if you purchase anything, but won’t change anything for you. Win/win!

Above all, thank you for reading and stopping by! Any support is so much appreciated. Here’s to the future of Fumble Folks!

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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